On The Wing


On The Wing is a game I’m working on at the moment. It is inspired by Magic Carpet and has a deformable spherical planet. The game is currently in an early prototype stage, all visuals are placeholders. You can play the latest demo build if you wish, see links below.



This is an early video of the very first build. It shows some terraforming spells on a spherical planet.


Download the latest demo build

Current version: 0.07.


  • WASD + mouse: movement
  • Space: ascend
  • Left Shift: descend
  • Left Alt: stop
  • 1: Combat spells
    • Left mouse button: Fireball
    • Right mouse button: Possess mana
    • Middle mouse button: Heal
  • 2: Castle spells
    • Left mouse button: Build/upgrade castle
    • Middle mouse button: Destroy castle
  • 3: Terramorphing spells
    • Left mouse button: Mountain
    • Right mouse button: Pit
    • Middle mouse button: Smooth terrain


Most of the GUI icons used in the game are made by Lorc. The full set is available on game-icons.net.


3 Responses to On The Wing

  1. Hayden Kirk says:

    Very cool. Hope you continue this project. Magic Carpet needs a good remake!

  2. Sierra says:

    Witam jestem wielbicielem gier Magic carpet nawet do niedawna gralem w czesc fallen worlds podoba mi się twoja wersja jakis czas temu pojawil się jakiś remake ale nie dorównywał twojemu pozdrawiam

    • Sierra says:

      Hello I’m a fan of games Magic carpet up until recently played part of the fallen worlds like your version some time ago appeared in a remake but it was no match for your greetings

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