On The Wing v0.06: Castles

After a long break I’ve returned to working on the game, and here is a new update!


New features:

  • Mana dropped by monsters can be “possessed” with a special spell, it then increases player’s maximum health and mana.
  • Player can build a castle which serves as a home base where the player is much better protected than in the wild. (The castle model shows off my incredible 3D modelling skills.)
  • Castle is also a home for mana collectors, that search for mana possessed by the player and bring it to the castle, this increases player’s health and mana even further. (Another demonstration of my great 3D modelling skills. I probably need an artist or something.)
  • Sprint ability (by double-tapping forward key): player’s speed is significantly increased, but player’s mana is consumed while sprinting.
  • New terrain generation code based on Voronoi cells, somewhat similar to this algorithm, but on a sphere. It, in theory, gives me a lot of control over terrain generation (for example, shapes of islands and continents), as opposed to completely random Perlin noise based terrain.
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