On The Wing Progress Report: Split-Screen Multiplayer

Last week I (somewhat unexpectedly even for myself) implemented a feature I hadn’t even considered before: split-screen multiplayer. Up to 4 players are supported, just make sure you have a big display and enough gamepads.

It turned out much easier to make than I’d thought (took me a weekend though and is still work in progress), and also very useful because it forced me to clean up a lot of stuff, such as input handling and GUI, and introduce the concept of multiple players which is the first step towards networked multiplayer.


Other significant changes:

  • A lot of changes and tweaks to the input system, now it’s possible to switch control schemes between Magic-Carpet-like and traditional FPS-like controls (there is no GUI for that yet). The difference is that in Magic Carpet, horizontal mouse movement controlled rotation speed rather than rotation angle (like in first-person shooters). I prefer the former since it makes a better feeling of flight, but the latter might be easier for many other players because of its familiarity.
  • Added basic HUD for players, displaying health and mana amount.
  • Improved menus, now it’s possible to create a new game, then destroy it by quitting to the main menu, then create again — something that wasn’t possible before.
  • Started working on the Castle spell, still a lot to do here.
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