Planet Game v0.04

The biggest change in this build: I’ve implemented an aggressive AI for monsters. They’re now switching between two behaviors: Wander (flying around randomly) and Attack Player, when the player gets too close to them. While attacking, monsters shoot fireballs at the target and “dance” around it in an unpredictable way, which makes them harder to hit. Now these monkeys are truly dangerous!


While this behavior doesn’t look like something big and complicated, it required writing quite a lot of code to implement two systems: steering behaviors (which are particularly difficult on a sphere) and a goal system, which allows characters to have different goals and goal evaluators that are used to find the most important goal at this moment. Now it should be possible to implement more complex behaviors when I need them.

Other, smaller changes:

  • Added shortcuts to change mouse sensitivity (“<” and “>”). Some people complained that control scheme is difficult, and one of the reasons might be that I tweaked them for my sensitivity settings, which are higher than normal. However, it also possible that copying flight mechanics from Magic Carpet wasn’t that a good idea.
  • Added player’s health status on the screen. Nothing happens, though, when the health reaches zero.
  • Added help screen (toggled by “F1”) with the list of controls.
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