Voxel Engine, First Results

It’s been a month since I started implementing a basic voxel engine in Unity 3D for my game(s). What I have now:

  • Chunked terrain, editable on-the-fly (adding/removing blocks in the game)
  • Mesh generation
  • Optimized collision meshes which are generated separately from the main meshes and have much smaller number of polygons
  • Colored lighting backed into voxel data
  • Simple shader which supports texturing (I’m using only one texture at the moment) and both backed and normal lights
  • Shooting (also destroys blocks)
  • Objects that represent light sources (those light panels in the screenshot)
  • Modified chunks are rebuilt fast enough so that there isn’t any noticeable lag
  • One screenshot :)

Isn’t that much, but at least something. Now, after I have a basic engine, I can focus more on other stuff: generation of more interesting levels and adding some interactivity, such as doors, light switches and so on.

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2 Responses to Voxel Engine, First Results

  1. can you share help or code about how you build it
    i started building a voxel engine and need some resources

  2. also nice job you have don

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